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How Long Does A Bath Remodel Take

How long does a bath remodel take? Maybe not as long as you’d expect…

Considering a bathroom remodel? Want to replace your tub? Or do a bath-to-shower conversion?

Depending on the scale of your project, you should consider that a complete bathroom remodel could take 23 full days to complete. Without counting weekends, that’s about a month of work.

If that sounds like a long time for such a small space, you’re right. But when you think about how that time adds up, it’s not so surprising. 

  • Doing the remodel yourself? Then you’re likely balancing it with your other responsibilities, like a full-time job and a family.
  • Hiring a contractor? Depending on who you’re hiring, they’re either the only employee (an owner-operator) or they’ve got contractors. Now you’re looking at a faster job that’ll cost even more.
  • Do you really need a full remodel? Often, homeowners think they need a full remodel because they’re not aware of other options.

One increasingly popular alternative to the full bath remodel is the bathtub-to-shower conversion. These are ideal for:

  • Bathrooms with worn-out, uninviting looking tubs
  • Reducing the risk of injury from slipping and falling out of tubs for family members aged 65 and older 
  • Increasing bathroom floor space 
  • Easier bathroom maintenance and improved water efficiency

The bathtub-to-shower conversion can often be done in as little as one day. When considering how long a home bathroom remodel or renovation takes, it’s important to know the other options. 

One-Day Bath Remodel Compared To DIY Bath Remodel

We’ll start by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of a one-day bath remodel to a DIY bath remodel. Below we’ve outlined what makes each strong, including how long they each take. 

Advantages of a One-Day Remodel Over A DIY Bath Remodel

  • Timing – Starting and finishing a remodel within the same workday is faster than fitting in your DIY project around your own work schedule.

  • Affordability – While you may spend more in the moment, it’s also a question about the time you’re saving by having the project done within a day. Depending on the scope, this could make the one-day bath remodel more affordable.

  • Modern Styles – Depending on your experience level, a DIY project can be constrained by your expertise. A one-day bath remodel brings with it the experience of an established company like JBR Mid-Atlantic.

Advantages of a DIY Bath Remodel Over a One-Day Remodel

  • Budget – If you are not in a rush, you can likely save money on labor by taking on a bathroom remodel by yourself.

  • Customizability – Have a specific vision? When you’re working for yourself, you’re more likely to be able to get the specific outcomes you’re looking for.

  • Sense of Accomplishment – Though hard to place a dollar sign on it, it is highly satisfying to finish a home DIY project, no matter how long it might take.

One-Day Bath Remodel Compared to Full Bath Remodel

In pure scheduling terms, you likely guessed that a one-day bath remodel would be faster than a full bath remodel. Understanding what goes into each decision will help you as a homeowner decide whether the lengthier remodel is right for you.

Advantages of a One-Day Remodel Over A Full Bath Remodel

  • Ease of Scheduling – A full bath remodel can take anywhere from 3-4 week to 4-6 weeks. This depends on the size of the bathroom, the scope of the renovation, and the number of contractors. A one-day bath remodel can be done in a single day, making it much easier for a busy family to schedule around.

  • Budget Conscious – Beyond the convenience, the controlled nature of a one day bath-to-shower conversion means a project that is much more likely to stay on budget.

  • Contained Construction – Bigger projects require more setup and cleanup, more crews, and more equipment. For a faster, simpler remodel, a one-day conversion has the advantage.

Advantages of a Full Bath Remodel Over A One-Day Bath Remodel

  • Modern Conveniences – By taking the time necessary to complete, a full bath remodel can involve modern appliances, exotic materials, and artisanal techniques.

  • Fully Customizable – Ideas like adding windows to bathrooms or removing walls are often out of the scope for a one-day remodel. A full bath remodel doesn’t face as many limitations.

  • No Compromises – Other than adhering to a budget, a full bath remodel means you can get the desired outcome, even if it takes longer.

When To Go With A One-Day Bath Remodel

For many families, a one-day bath remodel makes sense. With the type of remodel they’re looking for and the budget they have, a full renovation may not be necessary.

Still, it’s always better to know your options. At JBR Mid-Atlantic, it’s our priority to make sure our clients understand the possibilities so they can make the best possible choice. 

Ready to make a change to your bathroom? Get in touch with the experts at JBR Mid-Atlantic today.

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