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Four from the Jacuzzi Bath Collection That’ll Make Your Renovated Bathroom Shine

When it’s time to replace your bathtub, you’ll know.

The biggest and most urgent problem that you’ll come across with an older bathtub is the leaking. Cracks can be just as pressing, followed by the concerns about stains, mold, and mildew. Or you may simply grow tired of your older-looking tub and decide to search for a fresh, modern model.

At JBR, we are here to help you get your tub back in working condition. But beyond a safer tub, what’s truly special about this process is seeing the visual transformation. After all, a bathtub replacement is more than just a quick-fix (though we can help you do it in just a day). It’s a lasting change that’ll improve how you feel about your whole bathroom.

To inspire your next bathtub upgrade, we’re sharing four bathtub collections that’ll add a sparkle and shine to your new bathroom.

Solid Surface Collection Bathtubs

Crafted from the premium Luxecast composite material – which contains minerals derived from natural stone – the bathtubs in this collection are stunning statement pieces. Featuring gentle lines and commanding designs, these freestanding tubs will add presence and elegance to your new bathroom. 

Impressed by these sophisticated designs? Feel free to check out the rest of the Solid Surface Collection here.

Freestanding Bath Collection

To really make a statement with your new bathtub, free it from the wall. A freestanding bathtub is one that has each of its sides exposed. Whereas a tub might normally have one, two, or even three sides touching a wall, these tubs are a more elegant solution.

Beyond the look, which is impressive and gorgeous as it is, these freestanding bathtubs put the bathing experience at the forefront. By not compromising your space by fitting in a shower, you can fully recline and relax in your tub. And if you’re renovating your bathroom, isn’t one of your goals to enjoy the time you spend there? 

If you’re looking to create a more enjoyable, open bathroom space, then browse the rest of the Jacuzzi Freestanding Bath Collection here.

Skirted Bath Collection

Another attractive design option to consider when replacing your bathtub is a skirted bathtub. These tubs feature one finished side and are placed between two walls, then attached on the backside.

While just as attractive as any of the other collections, their positioning allows them to be a more affordable option. When you’re looking for unmatched design excellence on a reasonable budget, this is a great bathtub style. The tubs in this Skirted Bath Collection exemplify a clean, minimalist design and are available in sizes, shapes, and features to fit any bathroom.

To find a bathtub that will fit just right in your renovated bathroom, take a look at the Jacuzzi Skirted Bath Collection.

Drop-In Bath Collection

For a bathtub style that is flexible enough for different textures, styles, and price points, let’s look at drop-ins. So-named because they are dropped into a frame or structure (as you can see above), the tub is then concealed by that material – like wood or stone.

The style and design options allow you to match easily with your existing bathroom. What’s more, these drop-in tubs can be easier to clean and maintain as well. For budget-conscious upgrades, the drop-in tub is also a stand-out because it doesn’t have as much exposed area as a solid-surface tub or a freestanding tub.

Considering a drop-in bathtub for your new bathroom? Browse the Jacuzzi Drop-In Bath Collection to get inspired.

Choosing Your New Bathtub

There are many factors that will ultimately affect your final bathtub and bathroom renovation. The size of the room, the design choices, and your budget should all be considered. 

Let us help make that process easier. To discuss your bathtub options, get in touch with our expert team at Jacuzzi Bath Remodel today.

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